About Us

Orum by Yeisy Jewelry was just an idea that today thanks to my clients is a reality. I still remember when I couldn't find trendy jewelry nor could it fit my style and when I visited a place in my city they didn't speak my language. I remember one afternoon telling a friend that we couldn't find those gold garments that we wanted so much and It became an opportunity to feed my entrepreneurial and visionary spirit, because that's how we are in Orum.

Why do we call ourselves that? My clients always ask me, Orum is Gold in Latin and the name of a friend's baby, I think we couldn't choose a better name

About me…Yeisy Marian I can tell you I am Cuban, a lover of gold garments and the meaning that each one has in our life. Someone whose parents could not buy jewelry; someone who works so hard that today already has those jewels that one day dreamed of and a business.